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NOVUM battery monitoring gets the best from your batteries.

Increased cost effectiveness, more energy efficiency, predictive maintenance, health forecasts, shorter charging times, temperature monitoring, longer range, longer service life or less weight – simply select the appropriate added value for your application from our modular product system and we’ll take care of the rest.

Since we can work on the basis of already existing data using AI and can also generate very high quality battery data with our own impedance spectroscopy method, we are flexible when it comes to the technical implementation and can adapt to your requirements.
This provides a tailor-made solution for every use case. We look forward to answering your questions.

Battery Optimizer Business

Increase the efficiency of your large battery storage system.

Battery Optimizer Smart Devices

Charge faster than the competition and maximise your devices’ battery performance.

Battery Optimizer Automotive

Reduce the size and weight of the battery and charge 25% faster even without a rapid charging station.

Battery Optimizer Residential

Offer your customers the most durable, reliable and energy efficient home storage systems.

EIS-LAB laboratory measuring device

Start your own impedance spectroscopy measurement series.

NOVUM technology

What makes our technology unique