Battery management through AI und impedance spektroskopy.

NOVUM was founded in Dresden in 2014 and has already received several international awards for outstanding battery monitoring – including the Digital Energy Award, the Future Mobility Award and the title “Best High-Tech Start-up in Europe”.

Our core expertise comprises battery state detection via neural networks as well as an excellent knowledge of different battery chemistries and their state-dependent properties. We can precisely detect these at any time, even in the field, because, with its patented technology, NOVUM has succeeded in making the necessary laboratory measuring method of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy small, light and robust enough for practical applications.

This enables us to take the detection of battery condition, forecast functions, performance optimization, as well as charge and discharge management for large storage systems, home storage, power tools, small electrical appliances or in the field of e-mobility to a completely new level.

Our goal is always to get the most out of your systems – be it via increased performance, reduced weight, greater range, fast charging, increased reliability, increased energy efficiency or improved economic efficiency.