Data Package

Data Package

Choose whether we work with existing data or use NOVUM hardware to record your systems’ data.

Data Collection

Data Collection is the right data package if you already record your batteries’ current, voltage and temperature values. NOVUM can implement AI-based battery monitoring based on this data. Separate measurement hardware is not necessary for this, meaning that your systems can take advantage of the new battery monitoring within a very short time. The rule here is: the better the initial data, the more accurate the results. Communication with the NOVUM evaluation platform can be carried out via a range of technologies (cable, WiFi, Bluetooth etc.). Of course, continued operation of the system is ensured in the event of an internet outage.

Module Observer

Modules Observers are compact measuring boards that plug onto the battery contacts as an add-on. They record impedance spectra at particular intervals, meaning that they can be used for battery condition detection and charge/discharge management. The size and shape of the circuit boards are adapted to the respective battery type for this. They are suitable both for retrofitting existing large battery storage and home storage systems and for simple series integration into newly built storage systems, vehicles, charging stations and battery-powered devices. Module Observers are always the right solution if you want extended accuracy and upgradeability.


NOVUM’s Design-in-Solutions are ideally suited for serial devices. We modify your power electronics or battery management system (BMS) so that measurements can be made according to the NOVUM method. Thanks to our patented hardware topology, this can be done cost-effectively with existing hardware components and without the need for an additional impedance measurement chip. The Design-in Solution is always the right solution if you want offline capability, installation space or weight optimization.