EIS-LAB – laboratory measuring instrument

EIS-LAB – laboratory measuring instrument

Start your own impedance spectroscopy measurement series with NOVUM EIS-LAB

The small, robust, precise measuring instruments are at home in every laboratory. You no longer have to put up with long commissioning times: measure the impedance spectra of your own batteries up to 60V after less than an hour.

Included in the product package:

  • 1 NOVUM EIS-LAB laboratory measuring device
  • 1 EIS-LAB software (min. Windows 7 64bit)
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 connection cable (measuring device ↔︎ cell holder)
  • 1 connection cable (measuring device ↔︎ customer battery)
  • 1 Temperature sensor
  • 1 battery cell holder
  • 2 test battery cells