Optimization Package

Optimization Package

Select the relevant added value for your systems.

Battery State

The “Battery State” optimization package enables better utilization of the battery capacity. State of charge (SoC) and state of health (SoH) are determined with high accuracy. This can reduce existing state of charge reserves. This enables longer device runtimes, longer ranges or a reduction in battery weight.


With the “Temperature” optimization package, batteries can be exhausted to their maximum load capacity. NOVUM determines the battery’s internal temperature via the impedance spectrum, meaning that reliable overheating protection is provided even without large overheating reserves and without the need for external temperature sensors.

Predictive Maintenance

The “Predictive Maintenance” optimization package ensures that you will never again experience unexpected battery failures. Based on reliable wear point forecasts, a replacement recommendation for batteries or battery modules is provided in a timely manner.

Fast Charging

The “Fast Charging” optimization package can charge batteries up to 25% faster than before with the same charging capacity. A patented NOVUM technology, which allows impedance-controlled charging, provides the basis for this.

Health Care

The “Health Care” optimization package can extend the service life of batteries by an average of 20%. Charging and discharging processes are adapted to the respective condition of the battery, thus slowing down the self-reinforcing effect of battery wear.